About Behind the Deals

Behind the Deals is a blog started in November 2016 by Joshua Beroukhim.  Through blog posts on Behind the Deals, our intention is to simplify and analyze high-profile real estate transactions in a way that will be entertaining and educational for our readers, including those with just a general interest in business to investors and brokers with many years of real estate experience.

Through his company, Bridge Properties, Joshua specializes in acquiring under-performing properties and utilizing creative approaches to bring about their full potential.  By bringing properties to their full potential, the company achieves its ultimate end goal of creating value for the benefit of residents of communities, business owners, contractors, and investors.

We hope that the blog posts on this website are as entertaining and educational for you to read and think about as they were for us to research and write.

To suggest a deal for analysis or to contact us for any reason,  feel free to send an email to behindthedeals@gmail.com.